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Why New Zealand ?

Studying in New Zealand is ideal due to its advantages: a safe environment and cheaper costs over other English-speaking countries, such as USA, Canada, UK and Australia.


Universities in NZ

New Zealand currently has 8 public Universities.  5 Universities in the  North Island and 3 Universities in the South Island.    

   North Island

  • The University of Auckland  (Auckland)

  • Auckland University of Technology  (Auckland)

  • The University of Waikato  (Hamilton)

  • Massey University  (Palmerston North)

  • Victoria University of Wellington  (Wellington)

   South Island

  • University of Canterbury  (Christchurch)

  • Lincoln University  (Christchurch)

  • University of Otago  (Dunedin)

Polytechnics in NZ

New Zealand also has a number of Polytechnics both in the North & South Islands.

   North Island

  • Unitec Institute of Technology  (Auckland)

  • Manukau Institute of Technology  (Manukau)

  • Waikato Institute of Technology  (Hamilton)

   South Island

  • Southern Institute of Technology  (Invercargill)

  • Others

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