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Diploma Case Study


NZ Diploma Program Case Study                      

The following are some case studies from our clients who actually used our Free of Charge Academic Consulting Service and have been studying Diploma Programs.  If you are thinking about studying Diploma Programs in NZ for your future career development, their voice would be helpful to step forward to do it.  If you fill in our Online Information Request Form, we would get back to you by return.

Case 1.  Ms. Y . T (from Osaka)

Institution International Travel College (ITC)
Campus Auckland
Diploma Program Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management (Level 5)
Course Duration 48 weeks
Course Start Date 6 September, 2004
My Impression about the Institution and my Course
ITC has both local Kiwi students and overseas students, which is a good mix of cultures.  Lecturers and other administration staff are kind and friendly.  Class sizes are relatively small, so a customised tuition is available.  The lecturers answer to my questions until I make myself understood.

Customer Evaluation on our Free of Charge Academic Consulting Service

I received very detailed information and advice about institutions and student visa application procedure.  I always had communications with the company through email, but I have never been kept myself waited for a long time.  If the company's website are improved a bit (e.g. fonts and layouts), it would be much more efficient.  I will recommend without hesitation this service to those who are going to study Diplomas in NZ.


Case 2.  Mr. Hideki Kurosawa (from Tokyo)
Institution Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS)
Campus Auckland
Diploma Program Graduate Diploma in Computing and Information Technology (Level 7)
Course Duration 42 weeks
Course Start Date May, 2004
My Impression about the Institution and my Course
Although I already have IT certificates, such as MCSE, CCA, CNE, A+ and Network+ and 9 years of project management, system engineering and server administration experiences in the IT sector of global companies in Japan, GDip in Computing will improve my IT knowledge and skills and help further my job opportunities as a project manager or systems engineer.  I have been enjoying my study in a good environment and learning about cross-cultural communications with my fellow students from other countries.

Customer Evaluation on our Free of Charge Academic Consulting Service

I heard this company and service through the recommendation of my friends.  Business communications, including email correspondence are really speedy and timely.  In terms of the free of charge consultation, institution recommendation, student visa application and other supports, they are very much fast and supportive.  I will recommend this service to my friends and relatives who intend their study in NZ in the future.


Case 3.  Mr. Takeshi Otsuka (from Yokohama)
Institution Unitec Institute of Technology (Unitec)
Campus Auckland
Diploma Program National Diploma in Quantity Surveying (Level 6)
Course Duration 2 years
Course Start Date February, 2003
My Impression about the Institution and my Course
Quantity Surveying is a total management of Construction projects.  Quantity Surveyor estimates total project costs, such as materials costs and labor costs together with scheduling in order to manage the project costs within budget.  The scale of NZ construction industry is about 8% of GDP and 6 billion dollars.  For instance, an apartment project in City is some 20 million dollars, so that a Quantity Surveyor's responsibility is huge and his ability is crucial.  Construction industry changes day by day in terms of materials, technology and machinery.  Majority of lecturers of the Built Environment Department at Unitec are active construction professionals.  Fellow students also are from Mainzeal, Hokins and Fletchers, which represent the construction industry in NZ.  These are merits in studying at Unitec.

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