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Business Consulting Service                                                    

Minimal Costs and Maximum Results !!!

We provide small businesses in NZ with "cost effective &  high performance" Company formation, eCommerce, E-Marketing and Business solutions for small businesses through recently emerged and emerging new information & communications technologies, such as the Internet, Email and the Web.  Our Business Consulting Service provides the following various plans.

Company Formation Plan  (for customers who intend to gain a NZ PR after 2 years via Long Term Business Visa)

  • Company name search
  • Company name registration
  • Certificate of Incorporation & Company number
  • IRD number & GST number
  • Business bank account
  • Market research (Option)
  • 3 year Business plan
  • 12 months monthly accounting (Option)
  • 2 X GST return (Option)
  • Tax Return by a chartered accountant (Option)  

eCommerce / E-Marketing Standard Plan

  • Marketing strategy & Web strategy
  • Website design, development, maintenance & Update
  • ISP, Web hosting server & Domain name management (ISP, Web hosting & Domainz fees not included)
  • Advertising for Website (Advertising fees not included)
  • Global search engine registration (Links)
  • Online customer support & feedback forms
  • Brand image creation
  • Advertising effect statistics (Web usage & Email usage)

eCommerce / E-Marketing Advanced Plan

  • Services listed above plus
  • eCommerce solutions: (Online sales / order  & Credit card payments)
  • Market research
  • Customer survey

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